An utterly divine weekend. Begun rather simply with a marvelous slumber... sleeping through all programmed athletic events. Too bad. Instead, feeling the need to rest up as a result of my knee showing some sign of repetitive stress this past week. I spent the morning passing on the things in my home I no longer desired to have, which included, clothing, jewelry, and some household goodies -- Portland is a great place to relinquish those items one no longer feels necessary and in turn, this generosity is often accompanied by a monetary gain. SWEET!

Upon returning home, i got the urge to cook. Anyone who knows me can attest that I rarely begin at the basics, instead I usually leap to the level of professional and end up crashing and burning as a result. So, I thought it was time for me to learn to cook something other than a chicken breast. As good as a chicken dish can be, there are times when I crave something a little more exotic... like a pork chop. To most, this is far from an adventure, but for my measly cooking skills, it seemed like a very good idea. There are days I feel the desire and somehow I know things will turn out well, it only happens every once in awhile, but those days it is like I know I have the energy and patience to do it right... other days, I know it will fail but i try anyways in hopes that cutting the corners will show me some quick and effortless dish that NOBODY has ever created before. Yes folks, I am a dreamer - this has always failed. Patience seems to be the key for so many things. HUH?!

Well, back to the Pork Chop. So, I found this wonderful glaze and I browned the chops over the stove and than once browned, baked them in the oven on 375 until yummy, golden, and about 150 degrees alongside some Crimini Mushrooms and Cauliflower. I also added some Swiss Chard to the mix with garlic and balsalmic (don't add too much vinegar... fyi). It was a lovely meal and I was utterly impressed with myself.

With that much success, I felt the confidence to bust out the sewing machine and finished making a heap of kitchen towels I had intended to complete awhile ago and overall completed a very wonderful day! I hope this weekend and the beginning of this new year as been equally enlightening. Love to hear from you all!