Laughter. I love it. I will forever be searching for it and willing to succumb to it at every moment it appears. I wish we could be in the throws of laughter more frequently. I find it strange that there are moments in life where laughter, a behavior we all desire frequently, is often frowned upon... rejected into the dark corner abyss of the office. Here is a link to a video that made me laugh until I cried. I watched it repeatedly... others didn't find it as funny?!

Enjoy and I hope you find it as funny as I did. Cheers!

Time Passes

So, another Christmas has past. It is interesting to me how far we can come in a year's time. I am perhaps as happy and content as I have ever been in life. I do have to wonder if perhaps it is my independence that has spurred this burst of excitement and enthusiasm for life's little pleasures? Maybe it has just been nice to be settled after a fair bit of time up in a jumble -- not really sure it matters. This year has been utterly divine. The things I have learned and the feelings of accomplishment, however small they may be, have given me a sense of calm and true moments of confidence. Of course, come down off the glass of wine and there are a dozen things still needing accomplishment, but for now, I am going to bask in the moment of contentment and feel pleased that I have been gifted with such love and comfort that surrounds me. Thanks to my family, friends, and everyone that has touched me in one way or another... I will forever be grateful!!!

End of a Vacation Era...

So, the near two weeks of vacation has ended. If you look at it on paper, not too bad. A trip abroad, a long weekend of rest and relaxation void any actual obligations. Followed by a brief working stint and then a delightful Thanksgiving break. Really can't ask for a greater bit of time off. Spent some amazing evenings with friends and family and I am truly greatly for this... I have very little to complain about so, here are a few of the things I am grateful for:

1.) Family and Friends -- you all have made me who I am and I can't even express my gratitude.
2.) Job -- Having a job I care enough about to get frustrated and upset at times is proof that I in fact care about what I am doing and where I am going. This is a blessing and nothing less.
3.) Outdoors -- Literally, it is a cheaper form of therapy. I feel alive when I am outside and living in it... I have to be thankful for the most amazing snow this weekend which was the best night on the mountain I have had in ages.
4.) My apartment - Sometimes in life, you are given a gift so glorious you must thank the stars everynight... this apartment is that for me. This marks the beginning of my independence and I am utterly grateful. I am a new person for this moment... Robyn, thank you!
5.) Wine -- Good wine -- there are no words.
6.) Fall - It is a mysterious season... moments it is here and others it gets confused with winter. Those days where Fall has the confidence to really shine are amazing and overwhelming with crisp, outstanding beauty. Thanks
7.) Woodworking -- this has also altered my life in a big way. It is a newfound outlet for me that has undefinable boundaries... frankly, I feel like it might be my creative ticket... I am excited to see where this goes, I have confidence that I can create beauty. I have a long way to go, but that has never stopped me before. (Thanks John)
8.) Vanilla Ice Cream -- No need to comment ... just damn good.
9.) Learning -- The capacity to learn is a gift so important I hope never to lose it. Life is about learning and gaining knowledge and experience. I believe I do this quite well, perhaps, unorthodox, but definitely learning.
10.) Exercise -- I love that there is something out there that is good for me and alternatively makes me feel better. So many things I LOVE are in fact a tad detrimental to myself or my circumstances. Exercise is one of the few that makes me a better person and even a better version of who I am and I am grateful... simply grateful.

So, those are the few things today... also, candles, they are amazing!!! Love you all,


Grills... and... stench sanitizers...!!!

What a fabulous advert for a grill... classy! Looked up a dictionary definition of GRILL - Here is how it translates in Spanglish:

En la cultura hip hop un grill es un tipo de joyería bling bling que se lleva en los dientes

'Bling Bling' translates regardless of the language you speak. Neat!

Here is a real treat -- in upscale establishments, the bathrooms have a Systema Odocontrol .. aka... stink vacuum. The tube is allocated directly into the toilet bowl centimeters away from the ...dare I say it -- P - Shoot. It is so hilarious to me -- I took a picture for your viewing pleasure. What a concept, surprised it hasn't taken off in the States? Something to ponder? Talk soon!!

Observations in Mexico

So, my first full day across the border was pretty great. A few minor hiccups became apparent this evening when I realized my sunscreen lathering technique was sub-par. I seemed to recall accomplishing that task, but, it is very apparent in the photos I will provide that I in fact mis-remembered. Oops. Lucky for me it looks far worse than it feels.

My Mexican breakfast was delightful, went to a charming (touristy) little spot on the beach called The Office (see photo below). The food was great, the staff was pleasant and you can't beat that view. Everything in Mexico appears to be very fresh, and therefore tasty... the guacamole is nothing I have ever tasted, each place it is different, but so GOOD. Even the America fair is pretty darn good and quite cheap. Leftovers for tomorrow and I only paid $6.

You see more Americans here than you see Mexicans which is a little sad. Pretty apparent when you look around that Cabo San Lucas hardly exhibits the authentic Mexico experience. If you wish to see true Mexican life... walk a few blocks north of Cabo and there it is... you cannot miss it. Some observations and recommendations: One - pedestrians do NOT have the right of way. They will NOT stop. Do not make this mistake. Two- if you are travelling alone as a women, buy a cheap ring and where it on your wedding ring finger... it will deter a few unnecessary comments and make general mingling a bit easier -- you are taken. Three - mini bugs (like our ants, but nearly microscopic) are everywhere... the beds, the floor, the ceiling, the shower... you simply cannot get away from them. They are extremely tiny and therefore cannot bite you in any way, but I suppose this would be a deterant for some. So, consider this a warning. Yes, I did ask around and it appears it is not just an issue for those staying in budget-friendly establishments.

Well I will leave you tonight with a few photos from my journey so far, Mexico is very photogenic ... well you only get one... blogspot formatting is very odd... sorry!!

Sleepy Post

Good morning from Mexico. I have arisen before the sun today... that is not typical here in Cabo as most of you know, partying until the wee hours of the morning is not only condoned, but expected and frankly... encouraged. Sorry to disappoint, but I do things a bit different and was asleep last night at 7:30p hence the early morning-- not a surprise.

Plan on getting a lovely breakfast of shredded beef with eggs and potatos and beans ... can you believe that... BREAKFAST!!! YUM... and on a beautiful beach no less. Maybe a nice beach jog, and a photo expedition, perhaps a nap, then the sunbathing, and a sunset cruise to lovers beach ($30)!! My dinner last night at my very first authentic Mexican restaurant, El Pollo De Oro, was unlike anything I have ever eaten for $6 -- see photo. Unbelievable!!!

Mexico at last!

I have finally done it!! I purchased a plane ticket that departed within 24hrs to a destination outside the U.S. Crazy? Well, some might argue that such rash and spontaneous decisions are bound to end in fiscal disappointment or utter regret, but I feel there is something to throwing caution to the wind and living the life you have imagined. I feel alive today and that will forever be worthy of defending.

So, my destination this year is Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Just a few days of sun and sand I believe I will feel as good as any prescription a doctor could prescribe, so I will test that theory and advise very soon! Well, off to boarding!!!


Chef in Training...

I've done it--- after twenty-five long years, I live alone. An accomplishment, that for those who have known me, might have bet against --- my affinity for international travel has been a bit of a roadblock on the way to full acceptance of adult responsibility. However, life does bequeath us with great opportunities and I was given the chance to relocate to a beautiful, two bedroom condo-ish apartment in Downtown Vancouver. For the first time in quite awhile I feel like my life and my personal circumstances have optimistically collided and I am now living in a very beautiful home that is all my own.

So why am I writing? Well, I feel the need to pontificate about a certain roadblock in my quest to become a domestic goddess. What is this mysterious roadblock? Well.... CHICKEN. I cannot cook chicken -- twice failed in the length of three days. Where have I gone wrong? I love to eat, no surprise and a moist and juicy chicken breast is simply divine. So, if anyone reads this, please provide any comments and perhaps tips regarding the best chicken breast you ever ate and perhaps how it was prepared. For anyone also learning to conquer this beast, let me quickly jot down my most recent culinary disappointments:

*First chicken breast had extreme potential, but right off the bat I made a rookie mistake and, lacking necessary patience, I didn't allow the chicken to thaw completely before thrusting it into the awaiting frying pan. Outcome -- a very aesthetically pleasing piece of meat, golden brown on the outside, while inside maintaining a very bright pink freezer burn -- FAILURE.

**Second chicken breast attempt. To concur the tenderness issue -- a marinade!!! So, a lovely tequila, lime and cilantro marinade was created with strict care to following the recipe. I allowed the chicken to swim joyously in this marinade overnight. Once time came to fry the chicken which was completely thawed and even at room temperature, I thrust into the pan again, which was a step in the right direction. Once again I had a beautiful, golden brown chicken breast... SUCcess??? Nope... first bite, salt, all I tasted was salt, compounded by the most intense tequila flavor I have ever tasted. Again FAILURE.

Taking a couple days off to regain some personal confidence and than I will be able to show my face in the kitchen again. Until then....