Bondi Beach Photos

Below is a quick taste of the beautiful beaches here... for further viewing, please go to

Blue Mountains Majesty

Welcome to my visual tour of the Blue Mountains north of Sydney. To begin, trains leave the city center every half hour or so to the Blue Mountains with the typical length of transit being about 2 hours. The train was quite jolly and overall a wonderful way to get from point A to B; while only costing around $50 return (On-Off bus fare included). You arrive in Katoomba, where you exchange your voucher for a bus ticket, and begin your journey. We decided on the walking tour and cliff views... which was a little misleading as the trail was poorly marked and not well kept. So, we descended and climbed for hours looking at the beautiful scenery and amazing waterfalls; listening to the noises of hundreds of tropical birds and rushing water. It was a magical day.... we followed up at this little pizza place in Katoomba called PapaDinos. It was fantastic. The ambience was spectacular and the food was quick and flavorful, we ordered a medium pizza with tomato, cheese, romano, garlic, and mushroom... it was sensational. Also, the first place I ever had SOLO... yum!!! Well, another wonderful day!!! Talk soon, please enjoy the attached photos!

New Favorite Things

I thought it was time to pass along some of my new favorites. These pretty much span a variety of genres, but overall are related to food. These are not in order of importance; SOLO -- refreshing soda like beverage. A lovely mix between lemonade, lemon lime soda, and limoncello. Spectacular flavor and not that unhealthy as Aussie's have a much higher standard regarding what is legally allowed in the food that they eat. Moving right along and in the same drinkable vein, I would like to mention the sheer brilliance of the Australia hot chocolate. It is magical. I firmly believe that all coffee house treats are as delectable with the main thrill being in the steaming of the milk (in my case soy). Here, this is essential to a well made espresso or latte as well as a wonderful cup of hot chocolate, it is a beautiful artform. Ok, well it was all in the beverage, food category, but uploading the images takes so long. I am going to figure out a better way, promise more to come.