New Favorite Things

I thought it was time to pass along some of my new favorites. These pretty much span a variety of genres, but overall are related to food. These are not in order of importance; SOLO -- refreshing soda like beverage. A lovely mix between lemonade, lemon lime soda, and limoncello. Spectacular flavor and not that unhealthy as Aussie's have a much higher standard regarding what is legally allowed in the food that they eat. Moving right along and in the same drinkable vein, I would like to mention the sheer brilliance of the Australia hot chocolate. It is magical. I firmly believe that all coffee house treats are as delectable with the main thrill being in the steaming of the milk (in my case soy). Here, this is essential to a well made espresso or latte as well as a wonderful cup of hot chocolate, it is a beautiful artform. Ok, well it was all in the beverage, food category, but uploading the images takes so long. I am going to figure out a better way, promise more to come.

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