Bella Gioia

So, when evenings don't go quite as well as expected... once again, I planned on a glorious evening of food and good company, and lucky for me, the good company was still available however, the fabulous dinner plans I had were squashed due to the painful economy and the inability of restaurants to keep a stable business and keep there glorious food and door open for my to enjoyment. Lucky for me, someone was shining down on my evening because I stubbled upon a glorious little Italian restaurant which I had yet to hear about or stumble upon in my absense.

I can't deny my apprehension when trying a new and fairly young restaurant; when I spend a nice heap of money on an outing I have pretty high expectations; to my surprise, Bella Gioia delivered. Despite prices that are a bit beyond my current financial stance, the food and service came through with immediate precision.

The menu's are less then impressive in appearance. Frankly they are printed on simple marbled paper cut out with pinking sheers, however, the real treat was what the range and delicious offerings available. A great sample of antipasto and quite extensive wine list, I chose a nice Wild Boar in Ragu with Pappardelle noodles; something I have enjoyed before... my companion chose the classic Marguerite pizza... and the wine recommendation from the staff was informed and spot on. Both dishes were outstanding, the noodles were cooked to perfection and the wild boar had a wonderful flavor. Simply outstanding however was the pizza. Perfect size and wood fired to perfection which made me wish I had the money and the calories to order a pizza to go. Praise to my discipline, I was lucky to get out of there with leftovers from my own meal. If it hasn't been clear, I would recomment this location to anyone looking for a casual and sweet outing without spending too ridiculous a price. My companion and I got out of there unter $50 with dinner and wine to boot. So, I look forward to my next evening at this lovely restaurant.


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