Things I love

Just thought I would post a few things that I love and I am truly grateful for (no particular order):

* Fabulous nights with friends and family (days and nights really)
* Haagen Das Peppermint Bark (Seasonal) Ice Cream - truly exceptional, beware of the calories
* The sound slush makes when you jump into it -- corny, I know
* The sound my cycling shoes make when they click into the pedal -- Yes, I am a freak
* Crunchy leaves -- I am definitely an audible individual
* Inspiration -- people, places, food
* Wine - cheap to expensive and nearly every varietal of grape has impressed me at one time or another
* Traveling the world -- takes my breath away every time
* Winter - I always feel a certain way that transcends my ability to articulate
* Honesty -- No real need to explain
* Good food -- I can't be the only one, right?
* Inspiration -- It comes from everywhere and looks a little different every time
* Blankets - they are perfect and oh so very functional
* Beauty -- it is everywhere... and I love it
* Books -- I can't get enough... I want them all
* Powells -- definitely worth a mention

... There are plenty more things, but for tonight, that is my list.

1 comment:

  1. Great list! (And you listed "inspiration" twice -- lol!)