Chef in Training...

I've done it--- after twenty-five long years, I live alone. An accomplishment, that for those who have known me, might have bet against --- my affinity for international travel has been a bit of a roadblock on the way to full acceptance of adult responsibility. However, life does bequeath us with great opportunities and I was given the chance to relocate to a beautiful, two bedroom condo-ish apartment in Downtown Vancouver. For the first time in quite awhile I feel like my life and my personal circumstances have optimistically collided and I am now living in a very beautiful home that is all my own.

So why am I writing? Well, I feel the need to pontificate about a certain roadblock in my quest to become a domestic goddess. What is this mysterious roadblock? Well.... CHICKEN. I cannot cook chicken -- twice failed in the length of three days. Where have I gone wrong? I love to eat, no surprise and a moist and juicy chicken breast is simply divine. So, if anyone reads this, please provide any comments and perhaps tips regarding the best chicken breast you ever ate and perhaps how it was prepared. For anyone also learning to conquer this beast, let me quickly jot down my most recent culinary disappointments:

*First chicken breast had extreme potential, but right off the bat I made a rookie mistake and, lacking necessary patience, I didn't allow the chicken to thaw completely before thrusting it into the awaiting frying pan. Outcome -- a very aesthetically pleasing piece of meat, golden brown on the outside, while inside maintaining a very bright pink freezer burn -- FAILURE.

**Second chicken breast attempt. To concur the tenderness issue -- a marinade!!! So, a lovely tequila, lime and cilantro marinade was created with strict care to following the recipe. I allowed the chicken to swim joyously in this marinade overnight. Once time came to fry the chicken which was completely thawed and even at room temperature, I thrust into the pan again, which was a step in the right direction. Once again I had a beautiful, golden brown chicken breast... SUCcess??? Nope... first bite, salt, all I tasted was salt, compounded by the most intense tequila flavor I have ever tasted. Again FAILURE.

Taking a couple days off to regain some personal confidence and than I will be able to show my face in the kitchen again. Until then....


  1. lol! Thanks for the laugh! :) Better luck next time...

  2. Chicken is tricky to get right. Try cutting the breast in half lengthwise (thickness) a thinner piece of meat cooks faster and so you won't have the raw center. If you have a pan that goes in the oven, you can brown the meat and finish in the oven. We can do cooking nights!