Gardening... stops time?

So, life granted me a few extra hours on a Tuesday afternoon. What to do? Being it is early February in the Pacific Northwest, NOT raining, and actually in the lower to mid-60's. I did what most would have done with this opportunity, I spent this time believing, however silly, that Spring had arrived! So I spent the $50 and grabbed the best locally available compost and I re-introduced these vital nutrients into my sad and dilapidated garden pots from last year. I won't lie, my expectations are two-fold: perfectly beautiful, SUNSET magazine flower display and this perfect day with perfect weather to last until next year. It is almost impossible for that to actually happen so I may have set myself up for disappointment, but it was such a lovely moment. Pictures of the fruits of my labor will follow soon. Already seeing the beautiful buds of my Clematis and Azaleas... SO beautiful. Looking to add some window planters, anyone have any planting suggestions?

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