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Big night last night. Felt pretty sad about being in a new and far from comfortable place. I am looking forward to having guilt free time to explore the neighborhood... once I get a job, then it will be guilt free. The emotions I am going through span anyones emotional spectrum. I miss the comfort of home and friends, but at the same time, I don’t really miss much else besides the people; I thought I would miss the food and the surroundings, but not really. This just doesn’t feel like home yet, that is all, I need to remind myself it is only the fifth day.

So last night, Megan and I decided to get dinner out. We arrived at Thai to Remember, a quaint little Thai place in Ultimo, here is my review:


The sensational outside courtyard draws you to this adorable little family owned restaurant. Once inside, the decor is cute with mini fish tanks and adorable little tables, all topped off by the lime green wall colour. Once inside, they are playing Enrique Englesia (or insert favorite American tune here), and you are instantly greeted by a warm smile.

Once seated with the menu, I recognized the prices to be pretty reasonable and the selection to be impressive. I settled on the Cashew Chicken with side of rice and was NOT disappointed. The flavor was intense and mild without being too salty. One bite of a cashew sent me into pure bliss. I will return to this place almost weekly as the atmosphere and staff are very pleasant and welcoming. Once you couple that with fantastic food, you can’t lose.

So, I am currently sitting in North Sydney awaiting my job interview. They have this culinary phenomenon of inner city food courts. They are everywhere and all the business folks go there for lunch. It is really quite different than home. The food is pretty good and quite a variety of flavors. I could get used to this. After spending some time here in the CBD, I have found the people and fashion are very much the same as at home. Leggings are quite a popular form of dress and the average individual is far less modest (I know, most people don’t think America is modest). There are alot of women wearing tights and a mini skirt regardless of size and shape... and boobs seem to be everywhere, it is almost liberating. Australia is much more accepting or less judgemental, not sure which one.

Here is a thought I need to share... Australia is cold. Do not be fooled by the beautiful beaches and amazingly tan bodies. This country is freezing in winter. It would not be so bad if this country adopted central heating, but due to the other seasons of the year being so ridiculously warm, nobody has heating here so the houses/ apts are frigid. The best purchase I made for Australia before I left was the $39.99 sleeping bag I brought with me which is amazing and my favorite item currently as both homes I have inhabited were/are extremely cold. So, remember that when you make your way to visit me:)

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