Mexican Food in Sydney!!!

I am in love with Sydney. The people are splendid, the food is magnificent and the culture is eclectic and spunky. I am having such an amazing journey and with any luck I will have a home where I get to meet new people and a job where I can make travel money in the first week of my arrival. Tonight was like the best night ever... Meg, Erin, Jaime and I went to Baha Catina in Glebe (super cute and trendy), and we had insanely good mexican food and sangria... oh my it was yummy. I have included a cute little review just in case you ever catch yourself in Sydney:

Baja Catina (My Review):

Restaurant appearance was top notch with adorable interior design, bright and colorful, with an adorable cutout wall. The waitstaff was quite pleasant, while admittedly new, our waitress was quite charming and available for any request... now for the food. Chips and salsa were spot on... very good spicy to yummy ratio (we ordered the medium). The chips very closely resembled Provecho although not quite as spectacular. As for the main course, I had three Sopes, one shredded chicken with guacamole and pickled onions, and two shredded beef, one with tomato salsa and coriander, and one with a spicy salsa and sour cream. Simply outstanding. As for the sangria... worth going back for a jug or two. Overall, will return.

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