End of a Vacation Era...

So, the near two weeks of vacation has ended. If you look at it on paper, not too bad. A trip abroad, a long weekend of rest and relaxation void any actual obligations. Followed by a brief working stint and then a delightful Thanksgiving break. Really can't ask for a greater bit of time off. Spent some amazing evenings with friends and family and I am truly greatly for this... I have very little to complain about so, here are a few of the things I am grateful for:

1.) Family and Friends -- you all have made me who I am and I can't even express my gratitude.
2.) Job -- Having a job I care enough about to get frustrated and upset at times is proof that I in fact care about what I am doing and where I am going. This is a blessing and nothing less.
3.) Outdoors -- Literally, it is a cheaper form of therapy. I feel alive when I am outside and living in it... I have to be thankful for the most amazing snow this weekend which was the best night on the mountain I have had in ages.
4.) My apartment - Sometimes in life, you are given a gift so glorious you must thank the stars everynight... this apartment is that for me. This marks the beginning of my independence and I am utterly grateful. I am a new person for this moment... Robyn, thank you!
5.) Wine -- Good wine -- there are no words.
6.) Fall - It is a mysterious season... moments it is here and others it gets confused with winter. Those days where Fall has the confidence to really shine are amazing and overwhelming with crisp, outstanding beauty. Thanks
7.) Woodworking -- this has also altered my life in a big way. It is a newfound outlet for me that has undefinable boundaries... frankly, I feel like it might be my creative ticket... I am excited to see where this goes, I have confidence that I can create beauty. I have a long way to go, but that has never stopped me before. (Thanks John)
8.) Vanilla Ice Cream -- No need to comment ... just damn good.
9.) Learning -- The capacity to learn is a gift so important I hope never to lose it. Life is about learning and gaining knowledge and experience. I believe I do this quite well, perhaps, unorthodox, but definitely learning.
10.) Exercise -- I love that there is something out there that is good for me and alternatively makes me feel better. So many things I LOVE are in fact a tad detrimental to myself or my circumstances. Exercise is one of the few that makes me a better person and even a better version of who I am and I am grateful... simply grateful.

So, those are the few things today... also, candles, they are amazing!!! Love you all,


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