Time Passes

So, another Christmas has past. It is interesting to me how far we can come in a year's time. I am perhaps as happy and content as I have ever been in life. I do have to wonder if perhaps it is my independence that has spurred this burst of excitement and enthusiasm for life's little pleasures? Maybe it has just been nice to be settled after a fair bit of time up in a jumble -- not really sure it matters. This year has been utterly divine. The things I have learned and the feelings of accomplishment, however small they may be, have given me a sense of calm and true moments of confidence. Of course, come down off the glass of wine and there are a dozen things still needing accomplishment, but for now, I am going to bask in the moment of contentment and feel pleased that I have been gifted with such love and comfort that surrounds me. Thanks to my family, friends, and everyone that has touched me in one way or another... I will forever be grateful!!!

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