Observations in Mexico

So, my first full day across the border was pretty great. A few minor hiccups became apparent this evening when I realized my sunscreen lathering technique was sub-par. I seemed to recall accomplishing that task, but, it is very apparent in the photos I will provide that I in fact mis-remembered. Oops. Lucky for me it looks far worse than it feels.

My Mexican breakfast was delightful, went to a charming (touristy) little spot on the beach called The Office (see photo below). The food was great, the staff was pleasant and you can't beat that view. Everything in Mexico appears to be very fresh, and therefore tasty... the guacamole is nothing I have ever tasted, each place it is different, but so GOOD. Even the America fair is pretty darn good and quite cheap. Leftovers for tomorrow and I only paid $6.

You see more Americans here than you see Mexicans which is a little sad. Pretty apparent when you look around that Cabo San Lucas hardly exhibits the authentic Mexico experience. If you wish to see true Mexican life... walk a few blocks north of Cabo and there it is... you cannot miss it. Some observations and recommendations: One - pedestrians do NOT have the right of way. They will NOT stop. Do not make this mistake. Two- if you are travelling alone as a women, buy a cheap ring and where it on your wedding ring finger... it will deter a few unnecessary comments and make general mingling a bit easier -- you are taken. Three - mini bugs (like our ants, but nearly microscopic) are everywhere... the beds, the floor, the ceiling, the shower... you simply cannot get away from them. They are extremely tiny and therefore cannot bite you in any way, but I suppose this would be a deterant for some. So, consider this a warning. Yes, I did ask around and it appears it is not just an issue for those staying in budget-friendly establishments.

Well I will leave you tonight with a few photos from my journey so far, Mexico is very photogenic ... well you only get one... blogspot formatting is very odd... sorry!!

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