Sleepy Post

Good morning from Mexico. I have arisen before the sun today... that is not typical here in Cabo as most of you know, partying until the wee hours of the morning is not only condoned, but expected and frankly... encouraged. Sorry to disappoint, but I do things a bit different and was asleep last night at 7:30p hence the early morning-- not a surprise.

Plan on getting a lovely breakfast of shredded beef with eggs and potatos and beans ... can you believe that... BREAKFAST!!! YUM... and on a beautiful beach no less. Maybe a nice beach jog, and a photo expedition, perhaps a nap, then the sunbathing, and a sunset cruise to lovers beach ($30)!! My dinner last night at my very first authentic Mexican restaurant, El Pollo De Oro, was unlike anything I have ever eaten for $6 -- see photo. Unbelievable!!!

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  1. So jealous about all the yummy food you are eating! Maybe we'll have to make something Mexican tonight... :) Hope you're having lots of fun. Post again soon!