The thank you cards are written... and it is the EVE of 27. A lovely left over dinner, a nice glass of wine, candles, a hot bath, and one of my favorite movies will usher me into the next year. So, what is in store? I simply can't wait to see what this year has to offer. It has been quite a trip these last few years. Nothing short of life altering every few weeks... I feel this year is going to be quite similar. The great news... we are constantly improving.

So, I have a new tent, endless vacation time and the willingness to see the Pacific Northwest - anyone with me? So, the funds aren't there for much international travel, but there will be nothing to stop me from seeing all the wonderful things there are to offer here -- next week, Eastern Oregon. John Day Painted Hills, Wallowa Mountains and every open hot springs we can find along the way!

See ya soon!

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