a flashback....

Spending a copias amount of time at work is beginning to wear me out. It appears that this intensity forworking has permeated my friends as well and we have decided ENOUGH is ENOUGH. The mundane weeknight evenings of a quick supper followed by a mediocre film whilst laying on the couch recovering from a 10-12 hour shift, only to spend the weekends recovering from our mid-week laziness with laundry and the necessary domestic obligations needs to come to a swift and classy ending. So, what did we propose? Well, dancing of course! The Crystal Ballrooms infamous Friday night 80's dance party was the first thing on theagenda... Why have we not ever done this before? If spending hours with hundreds of strangers dripping with sweat, dancing to the 80's in a small cube with the intense aroma of body odor and marijuana permeating your clothing doesn't get you excited... well, I don't know what to tell you. Must note: one floor below was the Underwear Dance party which had I known about I would have definitely planned on attending... half naked dancing in public... liberating or violating?

So, as life is too short to be taken seriously and I must post that which would most likely mortify others --I have provided a before and AFTER image of our lovely evening. I can't stop laughing... must be noted, alcohol was not a contributing factor -- CLASSY huh!

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