...most serious injury thus far!

It has become apparent that I am prone to injury while doing the most mundane things. Woodworking all day -- no issues, injury free so far. Cleaning out my trunk and relocating important items into their appropriate home inside my apartment___that is imminent danger! This evening whilst attempting to clean out my trunk to make room for my ever expanding collection of woodworking tools and African Mahogany, I managed in the darkness of the night (as the outside light burned out 6 months ago) to drop my very new, very sharp 1/2" chisel on top of my left foot just behind my big toe. At first, not realizing it was in fact the chisel I dropped, I thought nothing of it...not much pain at all, I continued "packing" my trunk until i realized I was standing in a puddle of blood. At first, I didn't quite believe it was coming from my foot. I get bruises all the time, but I have never really been "hurt." Pretty soon the panic set in. I waddled into the front door making my way up the rather treacherous stairway to my front door. Once I got into the light from inside the apartment I realized I was hemorrhaging from my left foot, I began to freak out. Anyone that knows me can attest that I am good in a crisis as long as YOU are the one bleeding. If I am bleeding, game over, I will become light-headed, convince myself I am dying and insist on lying on the floor demanding to be covered in ice. Not sure what the ice is for, but I will insist on it!

This time, I was alone... I was at the front door of my apartment trying to figure out how I could get into my apartment without getting blood all over my carpet. I really did think about the $500 security deposit... I want that money back when I leave. Bloody footprints along my oatmeal colored carpet would be a bitch to clean so I grabbed my yoga mat bag I just made and wrapped it around my left foot and leaped with one foot until I hit linoleum. In case this ever happens to you... leaping through your apartment in an effort to get from the front door to the kitchen as cleanly as possible doesn't really work... it actually acts almost like a centrifuge and spurts blood everywhere and in all directions (I thought it poor taste to post images). There was blood everywhere... I didn't quite know what to do. Calling 911 seemed to be a bit much, I didn't cut my foot off, I just marred it a little bit, and the expense to ride in an ambulance is far to great. I have done that before. Totally SUCKED. So I stood up briefly trying to locate my phone which tends to be lost but as luck would have it, it was sitting right on my island where I last put it. I called my parents. I told my mom I had dropped my chisel on my foot and I was about to pass out and she should really come over. I wanted water but couldn't stand up. Like the wonderful parents they are, they hoped in the car and came over. Of course, I called Maryalice to get some moral support she is good in these situations. Since I was panicking, she told me to put pressure on the wound and to relax and breathe.

My parents arrived... my dad came rushing into my apartment not knowing how bad it was fully prepared with his ER kit. Like any good father would do, he poured alcohol directly on the wound without warning. There are no words to really describe that moment -- agony doesn't really even come close, but if I had to choose a word, I suppose that will suffice. On the bright side, it was now sterilized and clean, fingers crossed, no amputation necessary. So, my dad being the outdoorsy man he is,stopped the bleeding decided that although 3 stitches would be helpful, he could provide the same treatment with a package of butterfly bandaids and some weird anti-germ cream. As it was after my bedtime and the idea of stitches was entirely unappealing, I trusted my father and his mad skills. My mom appeared back from the store with the necessary quantity of butterfly bandages and my dad went to work. My left foot looks a bit mummified, but overall, it was successful! I suppose time will tell --now for a new life rule. No task will be completed without the use of footwear. Felted clogs would have been a lovely barrier had I chosen to wear them. Lesson learned!!! Color has returned to my face and I am feeling rather sleepy... so off to bed! Goodnight!!

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  1. Krista girl...glad you got help so fast. Please take all necessary precautions from here on out. Hope the toe heals quickly, you might have to not exercise for a few days though!