So, it's a beautiful fall this year. Feeling rather nostalgic, just a great feeling in the air-- something tells me that major life change is just around the bend. For the next six days though, I will be taking time out for myself to rest, relax, and focus my perspective. My first trip to Hawaii and i am stoked! There is simply no better feeing than being on the cusp of a great adventure -- better than most things. Maui is the destination of choice and for those days I will be unavailable as I will be spending all of my time exploring all the bodies of water Hawaii has to offer.

So, I spent the last two days trying to figure out how I was going to pack everything into a small carry-on backpack. Success... look at that beautiful picture, it includes: Tent, Sleeping bag, laptop, camera, snorkel, mask, fins, clothes, and of course toiletries. I am proud of this accomplishment. A small victory but nevertheless a victory.

Finally, I have compiled a great list of musical gems to accompany this trip since music is a bit of a pulse in my life I will be updating you with my current sounds and musical stylings. Playing now is Holocene by Bon Iver... the perfect pre-trip mood music. I love it! Off to board the plane! Later!

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