Flight One

So, I already had a giggle fit, warping my face... it was so funny I was laughing hysterically on the plane. Don’t worry, I have attached those stellar images for your viewing pleasure. Apart from my self amusement, I just found out this flight is only 1 hour and 10 minutes. How amazing is that. This adventure won’t be horrible at all. I am already hungry (shocking I know) so I will be able to get some grub in no time and than shop to my hearts content.

Truth: I overpacked my carry on luggage and already feel like whining about it... he he. Will I ever learn?

Truth: I am shweaty... like really shweaty

I have already met some cool people on the plane so that is proof that this adventure is going to be outstanding. Weirdest thing ever, I am looking forward to going grocery shopping more than anything. I guess if you love food on one continent you will love it on another.

This airplane is the smallest airplane I have ever been on. It is kindof funny how small it is. I feel like we are all in miniature form or something... even MA could reach the air above her head... sorry MA it is a TRUTH... no harm intended.

Well miss everyone already but really digging this blogging/e-mail thing.


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