So, I leave in less than forty-eight hours... I can remember when the idea of moving to Australia was only a dream and now it is a mere few hours away. I have said most of my goodbyes which was rough, but I have to recognize that I have technology on my side so anyone is moments away. Overall I am thrilled for this opportunity; I need to embrace the journey and just allow myself to absorb every minute I can. I feel like I am at a place in my travel and wanderment where I can really take everything in. I have so much experience traveling that I now know what it is I want to see, do and experience. For the first time I am traveling how I feel traveling should be done... total immersion. So, with that said, once I leave Portland, I am going to attempt forward thinking and try not to look behind me and feel sad for what I had so that I don't see all the opportunity ahead of me. Wish me luck!!!

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