Airplane Travel Advice!!!

This has been the best plane trip I have ever taken. I have done my fair share of flying over the years and I feel the need to pass along what I have learned. So here are a few suggestions that I have accumulated over the course of my many adventures to make air travel much more enjoyable:

1.) Fight the urge to drink alcohol on the plane. Believe me, I have done it both ways and the alcohol will dehydrate you and consequently make your body less than excited about your impending adventure. Not to mention that alcohol consumption is typically followed by a headache upon arrival, which is never welcomed.

2.) Drink lots of water. This will assist your body in feeling wonderful... it keeps your skin from feeling tight and swollen, and assists with all digestion and you feel refreshed upon arrival.

3.) Take your own pillow. I appreciate the pillow as an amenity from the airline, however, that square object they provide does not provide any comfort whatsoever. For the first time I decided to carry aboard my personal pillow. Your pillow will be big enough to squash into whatever geometric form you need to provide optimal comfort and you already know you like it. It will make all the difference in sleeping on an airplane as vertical slumber is usually not most people’s optimal choice for a good night rest. I promise this makes a difference, I slept 11 of the 14 hours which I cannot contribute completely to the pillow, but upon awaking my neck and back feel great!!!

4.) This suggestion will be followed by some controversy. I am not a pill popper, but I am going to give a shameless plug for my drug of choice... Alprazolam, more widely known as Xanax. I slept forever and upon awaking felt wonderful with no drowsy side effect. So, if you don’t mind the stigma of popping a pill for a relaxing intercontinental flight, that is my recommendation.

5.) Bring food. Sleeping will be much more difficult if you are hungry. Small snacks are very useful as getting assistance on the plane especially with munchies is difficult if not really expensive.

So, those are my recommendations... final thought... bring a pen, customs forms require a pen and it is proving to be difficult to locate one. So, I will be landing shortly, about 45 minutes so I am looking forward to sharing all the details of my journey.

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  1. Ah Mate, glad to hear your flight wasn't a nightmare. I'm looking forward to following you on your adventure down under. cg